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The CAA are making a number of X-Ray Screening Machines obsolete from April. X-Ray Screening Machines must be dual view to be compliant. To see the full list of ETD Machines that are compliant please click here. From April you will no longer be able to use the obsolete ETD Screening Machines.

Does this affect you and your ability to move known freight? If so we can help.

Companies are already outsourcing their X-Ray Screening capability in full to AY Aviation. In most cases, the work still happens on your premises. In every case we save you money. Let us be fully accountable for providing the machines (including servicing, maintenance and insurance), complete responsibility of manpower (including rostering, training and associated costs of staff) and be answerable to the CAA for all audits of your cargo screening.

Let us take your headache away…

For more information please contact Danny James on 07824 888649 or 01276 478940. Alternatively please email danny.james@ayaviation.co.uk